Ouput deformation fields in DICOM format


Does anyone have experience writing the deformation vector fields to DICOM, i.e. following the C.20.3 Deformable Spatial Registration Module? Does functionality exist within ITK to do this?

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You may be interested in this module:


which currently only supports non-deformable transformations; it could be a starting point for deformable transformations, though.


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You can import/export deformable DICOM SRO using 3D Slicer and its SlicerRT extension. Since in 3D Slicer you can save/load any ITK transforms, you can convert any ITK transforms to/from DICOM SRO.

You can access these features using either GUI or Python scripting. You can also take the source code from SlicerRT and put it into ITK to make its transform IO support deformable DICOM SRO as well.