OTSU thresholding binary image

does any one have any sample data for OTSU thresholding that i could use. I refer to the example Threshold An Image Using OTSU?
Here is the link: https://examples.itk.org/src/filtering/thresholding/thresholdanimageusingotsu/documentation
Here is the screen shot:


  1. InputImage.png
  2. OutputImage.png
  3. NumberOfBins
  4. NumberOfThresholds
  5. LabelOffset


Hello @sag,

Not sure exactly what you are looking for. Using Otsu thresholding on any image that has a bimodal histogram (foreground-background) should yield a reasonable threshold. For example this SimpleITK Jupyter notebook uses this microscopy image (it’s an mha image, a bit large 80MB).

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