OME TIFF pyramid format

(Pablo Hernandez-Cerdan) #1

It would be neat to add an IO module for this format!

(Matt McCormick) #2

We have an IO module for bioformats! :tada:

but, we could use more testing / infrastructure for the pyramids. Maybe it is worth a dedicated IO for OME-TIFF, too, based on the C++ library:

(Bradley Lowekamp) #3

Efficient OME TIFF stream reading is very important to many microscopy modalities. I have been thinking about a native C++ implementation base on that reference OME library.

The Pyramid feature is a very important and interesting one which requires some thought to integration in ITK generically. There are other formats which support multi-resolutions or thumbnails as well. The questions is: “What is ther a general interface that can be added to the ImageIO and/or the ImageFileReader to support getting information about multi-image files, and specifying which image to read?”:thinking:

Another example which comes to mind is the JPEG2000’s wavelet/multi-resolution compression.