Octobox to handle github notifications

Hey there, I am having some difficulties tracking Github notifications, there are so many since the transition to Github (which is great!), so I’ve found out this octobox, which provides something similar to an e-mail inbox for Github notifications, with filters, etc.

It only needs read access to the notifications. And it uses two kinds of tokens, the personal, and the per-repository/organization. The latter allows to associate the status of a pull-request (merged, etc), tags, CI status to the notifications (see image). It is free for open-source projects, so I was wondering what do you think and if InsightSoftwareConsortium could enable it.

You can try it here: https://octobox.io/

I have also created an electron desktop app as suggested in the docs.


Cool, @phcerdan!

Octobox has been installed for the InsightSoftwareConsortium GitHub org. :octopus:


Awesome, thanks!