Next ITK October Performance Confab

Hi folks,

Let’s get together again to discuss progress on the ITK Performance efforts.

When: Friday, October 20th, 11 AM EST
Where: Google Meet
What: Discuss ITK Performance progress

Notes from the previous discussion on 2017-07-28 can be found in the weekly confab document. We can also add notes there.

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There was an interesting conversation held on the ITK Community mailing list regarding the time it takes to initialized the image registration framework:

The conclusion was that a significant amount of time is consumed by the slow DiscreteGuassianImageFilter, the SmoothingRecursiveGaussianImageFilter can provide improved performance, but slightly ( insignificant? ) different results.

I would also like to note, that when a gaussian filter, then a “shrink” filter is done, more efficiency can be gained by doing the gaussian in 1D, then shrink in 1D, repeat. Consider a case where you are shrinking by 10x10x10, This amount of work done by the gaussian can be reduced by over 100x.