New script for uploading binary testing data

We now have a new script for uploading ITK binary testing data such as input and baseline images!

To use the script, run ITK’s ./Utilities/ to configure an account on the Girder instance and set up a local data-upload Git alias.

The ITK/Utilities/ script can also be invoked directly, without further configuration. In this case, it will prompt for your username and password to perform an authenticated upload.

The steps to upload new binary testing data are:

  1. Place the binary file at the desired location in the Git repository.
  2. Run the git data-upload alias, and pass in the binary file(s) as arguments. E.g.
    cd ITK; git data-upload ./Modules/Core/Common/test/Input/cthead1.png.
  3. In the corresponding test/CMakeLists.txt file, use the
    itk_add_test macro and reference the relative file path with DATA and braces.
    E.g.: DATA{Input/cthead1.png}.
  4. Re-build ITK, the ITKData target specifically, and the testing data will be
    downloaded into the build tree. The path in the build tree is used in test execution.

This script can also be invoked to upload binary testing data for external ITK modules, for example.

More information can be found in the Data and UploadBinaryData documentation. Please let us know if there are any questions or issues.


These scripts are really nice. Thanks, they’ll be a big timer saver :timer_clock:

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