New issue reporting templates

Special recognition and thanks go to @jhlegarreta, who did an awesome job improving our GitHub issue reporting templates. :tophat: :clap:

Now, when creating a new issue, a menu of categories is presented:

and the issue is pre-populated with guidance material and a template of suggested content.

Thank you @jhlegarreta!


You’re welcome.

Making ITK smarter and the tools it uses even more welcoming is always fulfilling.

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I the spirit of openness would you be able to post a short “how to” for other projects to use these templates for their own projects? This is awesome!!

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@imikejackson Thanks for appreciating it.

Will do. But allow me some time.

@imikejackson There it is:

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Awesome post. This will be very helpful for other projects that would like to get something like this going.

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