Need to find/replace all #include with new path which doesn’t fit with old path


I am trying to extract an important part of ITK which is used from MITK and the mbilog module and the Blueberry framework and integrate that part inside of CTK.

So up until now I was successful in taking mbilog & BlueBerry and convert them into OSGi module that can be compiled directly with CTK. Since mbilog is dependent on KWSys & VNL I also had to adapt them within CTK with success.

Both of those external dependencies are compiling but for some reason mbilog seems to not be able to find the #include directives which changed and I don’t understand how can I make it work without to have to rename all the #includes in my project.

Can someone give insight into what might be the small detail I don’t see to fix this issue? I created a thread on CMake’s forum thinking that might be a CMake mistake.

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Discussion was continued on CMake discourse.