Need to add support for GCC 9 in vcl_compiler.h on Fedora 30

/home/mhough/Downloads/SimpleITK-build/ITK/Modules/ThirdParty/VNL/src/vxl/vcl/vcl_compiler.h:101:4: error: #error “Dunno about this gcc”
101 | # error “Dunno about this gcc”
| ^~~~~

Adding an additional elseif for GCC9 fixes this. I am afraid I am not sure which repo I should try and update for this problem. It seems to be an ITK 4.x problem. Thanks in advance for your time.



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It looks like that file has since been reworked. @hjmjohnson does it make sense to update this in VXL for ITK 4.x branch? Or should it be done directly in ITK?

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I think just in ITK directly would be fine. I don’t think it’s worth backporting VXL to ITKv4 as VXL now requires C++11.

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It looks like this file has been updated since the 4.13.2 release in the “release-4.13” branch. You can SimpleITK build with this ITK version by adding “-DITK_GIT_TAG:STRING=release-4.13” on the make configuration command line. It looks like SimpleITK is needs to be updated against ITK release 4.13.