My roten recipe to build ITK 5.4rc04 with ITKElastix and other modules with Python in Linux

Hi. I just want to share how I was able to build ITK with some modules, including ITKElastix with Python 3.12. The attachment has the instructions, versions of source code, versions of running software and compilation logs.


  • Unfortunately, ITKElastix downloads CastXML, SWIG, KWStyle and others even if they exist in the system. I did not try jailing the internet to see if it would fail (it does take some time to build).
  • Also, I did not manage to build the binary of elastix
  • The built packages conflict with each other, because they have shared files. Different systems have ways to work around this. There is a hint for pacman-based distros: sudo pacman -U --overwrite '*' *5.4.rc04*tar.zst

Any comments welcome
itk+itk-elastix_build_info.7z (108.3 KB)

Thanks for ITK, elastix & ITKElastix!!!