Multiply a vector image with scalar (SimpleITK)

To multiply a vector image with a scalar, I used

import SimpleITK as sitk
multiply = sitk.MultiplyImageFilter()
multplied_img = multiply.Execute(img , 0.5)

my input image is of size 512 *512 *200 *3.
But it gives me this error message

RuntimeError: Exception thrown in SimpleITK MultiplyImageFilter_Execute: d:\a\1\sitk\code\common\include\sitkMemberFunctionFactory.hxx:158:
sitk::ERROR: Pixel type: vector of 32-bit float is not supported in 3D by class itk::simple::MultiplyImageFilter.

What should I do? Is there away to apply the vector image multiplication from SimpleITK?

Hello @Alsurayhi,

See code below:

val = 0.5
multplied_img = sitk.Compose([sitk.VectorIndexSelectionCast(img,i)*val for i in range(img.GetNumberOfComponentsPerPixel())])

It works.
Thank You!