Multi center Series identification

Hello the community :slight_smile:
I have a small question.

I received images from multiple centers containing one or more series. Actually, I can identify the series using the series description. But I think (hope) there is a better way to do that as series descriptions change from one center to another one (change also depending on the radiologist) and can be anonymized.
Actually, I have tried maximum volume (but it is not always the case), discarded Secondary images. But I am always blocked to automatize the process when the series description changes a little bit.
So how do you manage this kind of multicenter series identification?

Thanks in advance and take care

Stephan Hahn

Hello @Stephan_Hahn1 ,

This is not an ITK question but a DICOM one.

See what the DICOM standard says about unique IDs. Use the Study Instance UID (0020|000D) and Series Instance UID (0020|000E) to uniquely identify your series.

Thanks @zivy
I know that it is a dicom related question (but more oriented in good practice).
The study UID and Serie UID allows to uniquely identify the series. But how to identify for example all the PCA images through multiple studies, multiple centers, etc…?