Missing nightly Python packages for Windows

The nightly Python packages are no longer available for Windows on
Github’s releases page. Is it a known issue and can we expect them back anytime soon? If not, is there any chance to access the last Windows nightly build?

Hi Simon,

Thanks for the note. I am looking into it…


The nightly Windows Python packages are now available along with the Linux and macOS packages:


Thanks but it does not seem to be there (anymore?). Have I been too slow?

@simon.rit Thanks for reporting :clap:

:cloud_with_lightning_and_rain: It looks like we have a new issue related to an update to ninja on the build system. We are investigating…

CC: @jcfr

We recently published new ninja package bundling the kitware-ninja fork (having fortran and job server support). See https://github.com/scikit-build/ninja-python-distributions/releases/tag/1.8.2.post2

This new version of ninja coupled with the currenr implementation of the CMake Ninja generator had some issue leading to dupbuild error. While they are possible workaround in project to avoid the problem, the root cause of the problem is fixed in CMake, and the fix should make it into the next release of CMake: https://gitlab.kitware.com/cmake/cmake/merge_requests/2276

In the mean time, @matt.mccormick locally built a version of CMake including the patch, this should address the problem.

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Thanks for the detailed explanation. But it’s still not there, right?
I understand that building these packages is a complex task and that it can be broken from time to time. Therefore, I reiterate that it would be nice to keep the last built package (on all platforms).
Thanks again for the work put in preparing those binaries.

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@simon.rit It is good that they are missed :smile:

We updated the CMake version, but ninja still exited due to duplicate targets. This patch will address that issue:


… and the Windows nightly Python packages are back :full_moon_with_face:

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Great, thanks!

The packages are still built every night, thanks. However, if I also want to build my own package, I need the corresponding ITKPythonBuild. It seems to be available here for MacOSX and Linux but not for Windows. Any chance to get this too?
Thanks again!

We will upload the nightly Windows builds, too, then! These will come next week.