method "GetLogBiasFieldAsImage" missing in N4BiasFieldCorrection c# implementation

I have the N4BiasFieldCorrectionImageFilter implemented in c# (visual studio) and it is working correctly and improving images.
However, when I attempt to use the method GetLogBiasFieldAsImage() I get the following compilation error:
“‘N4BiasFieldCorrectionImageFilter’ does not contain a definition for ‘GetLogBiasFieldAsImage’ and no accessible extension method…”
I need this method because I need to run the filter with ShrinkFactor higher than 1.
What can cause this method to be missing? and what can I do about it?

Is there another way, besides this method, to obtain the Bias Field?

C++ version of the code has GetLogBiasFieldControlPointLattice():

Which version of ITK are you using? Why do you expect GetLogBiasFieldAsImage() to exist?

Maybe you saw it in an example? There is this one:

Thank you so much for answering!
I am using simpleITK version 2.0.2 (maybe downloaded from this place (downloaded the zip at the bottom line of this screen capture):

I expected it to have the method GetLogBiasFieldAsImag() because it was listed here:

I realize now that it is not the same version (oops).
What can be done about it? Should I download a newer sitk version? (if yes, which and where from?)
Of course its not that I must use this specific method. Any method that would give me the full-resolution corrected image, through the full-resolution Bias Field or directly, would work for me.
Only it must be available in the C# implementation.
Thanks again!


You can download the nightly CSharp binaries for window on the GitHub release tab:

Thank you! (both!) I can get the full-resolution Bias Field now, after I downloaded version 2.1.0.dev245.

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