Merging temporarily suspended

Hi folks,

We are migrating the ITK repository mirroring from


Until this is complete, please do not merge topics via the Gerrit / stage repository, or via GitHub.

Topics can be migrated from Gerrit and staged as GitHub pull requests.

To create pull requests, please see our updated CONTRIBUTING documentation. Many go kudos to @jhlegarreta, who helped test and document this infrastructure!

There is still more to do, but this is a big milestone for our community! :octopus: :man_health_worker::woman_health_worker::older_woman::older_man::man_curly_haired::man_bald::woman::woman_curly_haired:

I will follow-up as events occur.


Thanks. I am looking forward to the migration to Github to be complete.

Mirroring is now in place!

is now the official repository. All changes should be merged into this repository.


Thanks for the effort Matt !


Thanks Matt :sparkles: :hat:!


@hjmjohnson Thanks for moving my patches and to and respectively. But why did you close them, at GitHub? :hushed: They certainly aren’t yet merged into the master branch! Can you please reopen these two?

It seems to me that there are other PRs that should not be closed either, at✓&q=is%3Apr+is%3Aclosed+

Update: I see now, Hans has just reopened these PRs. :smile: Thanks again, @hjmjohnson

He accidentally deleted a bunch of branches from his fork, with the side-effect of closing the pull requests involving those branches.

Are the CDash links to CI builds on Github coming back? There is a lot of useful information that I can easily get to on CDash that I’d like to access.

Yes, please subscribe to this issue to track progress:

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Thanks for the link! I’m either subscribed to everything or nothing on Github depending on how you look at it. :books::smile::books: