make output deformation smooth

Hello, I would like to ask if there is a way how to make output deformation smooth fro further image warping. I was using Demon registration which gives me quite a wild deformation… see GitHub-SimpleITK

Have you tries the diffeomorphic version of demons registration:
That version is guaranteed to be invertible.

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well, it is significantly better but still there is discontinuity… how can I upload an image to show it?

When you hit reply what does it say?
Have you tried pasting an image?

the original deformations
inverse using InverseDisplacementField
inverse using InvertDisplacementFieldImageFilter

Could you also visualize these by resampling a grid? There should be a grid image source filter to help.

There is also the iterative inverse:

To assess displacement fields, you can drag-and-drop the image and ITK transform file to 3D Slicer, go to Transforms module, and enable 2D and/or 3D visibility in Display section.