make output deformation smooth

(Jirka Borovec) #1

Hello, I would like to ask if there is a way how to make output deformation smooth fro further image warping. I was using Demon registration which gives me quite a wild deformation… see GitHub-SimpleITK

Compute deformation field smoothness
(Bradley Lowekamp) #4

Have you tries the diffeomorphic version of demons registration:
That version is guaranteed to be invertible.

(Jirka Borovec) #5

well, it is significantly better but still there is discontinuity… how can I upload an image to show it?

(Bradley Lowekamp) #6

When you hit reply what does it say?
Have you tried pasting an image?

(Jirka Borovec) #7

the original deformations
inverse using InverseDisplacementField
inverse using InvertDisplacementFieldImageFilter

(Bradley Lowekamp) #8

Could you also visualize these by resampling a grid? There should be a grid image source filter to help.

(Bradley Lowekamp) #9

There is also the iterative inverse:

(Andras Lasso) #10

To assess displacement fields, you can drag-and-drop the image and ITK transform file to 3D Slicer, go to Transforms module, and enable 2D and/or 3D visibility in Display section.