List of supported Visual Studio versions

Somebody asked me about where to find list of Visual Studio versions that ITK is supposed to work with. Very suprisingly, I could not find an up-to-date list.

These are the closest that I’ve found (by searching for itk build instructions on google):

  • ITK software guide contains outdated and incorrect information on page 9-10, referring to VS2010-VS2013
  • ITK wiki only refers to VS2010 as supported compiler

Googling itk supported platforms brings up extremely obsolete information, too (latest operating system supported is Windows 2000 and XP).

It would be better to create a single “supported platforms” or “build instructions” page and keep that up-to-date (and link that page from everywhere else). Since supported platforms change continuously, this information must be stored along with the code, for example here.


@lassoan thanks for the note.

The currently supported versions are Visual Studio 2015 and Visual Studio 2017. Visual Studio 2015 is required for C++11 support in ITK 5. Visual Studio 2019 currently has issues according to this thread.

A pull request to update the ITK Software Guide is here:

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I updated the referenced wiki page.

Thank you both! I’ve commented a bit on the ITK software guide pull request about VS toolsets and that such low-level details belong to the source code repository (and the wiki page and software guide could have a link to that file).

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That information is contained here. But you are right, it is not very concise, and it is hard to link to it. I will create a new markdown document and duplication this information in it.

PR created. Suggestions are welcome.

It is true that this is duplication of information, especially the detailed comments. Maybe they could be moved to the markdown file and the markdown file could be linked from the CMake file.

The documentation page has now been merged. I also added a link to it on the Wiki page.

This is great, thank you very much.

Is there a final conclusion, official statement on Visual Studio v142 toolset support? If there is, then it would be nice to see it on the github page instead of sending people to read a forum topic.

Current status: it does not work out of the box. We could link to Visual Studio bug report, but that is not too much of an improvement.

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