links on pypi for itkwidgets need update


I just noticed that itkwidgets · PyPI may need an update, because the links are kind of broken. For the interested reader, one can turn, for example:



This link works for me. How are they broken for you?

Binder inaccessible

You can get a new Binder for this repo by clicking here.

The shareable URL for this repo is: Binder

Is this a Binder that you created?

If so, your authentication cookie for this Binder has been deleted or expired. You can launch a new Binder for this repo by clicking here.

Did someone give you this Binder link?

If so, the link is outdated or incorrect. Recheck the link for typos or ask the person who gave you the link for an updated link. A shareable Binder link should look like Binder.

If I go directly into, type then master then examples/NumPyArrayPointSet.ipynb, I get this link:

which is not the same as the one on PyPi. [edit] By the way, I can’t see the results, because I get an error. I am trying locally, but need to install stuff.

The original link worked for me.

Perhaps binder was previously down.