Linking Fiji with ITK

In TUTORIAL/00_setup.ipynb I cannot seem to make SimpleITK use my or ImageJ installation

For the following code snippet:

# Retrieve an image from the network, read it and display using the external viewer
image_viewer = sitk.ImageViewer()
# Uncomment the line below to change the default external viewer to your viewer of choice and test that it works.


I get the following error

RuntimeError: Exception thrown in SimpleITK ImageViewer_Execute: ../../Code/IO/src/sitkImageViewer.cxx:620:
sitk::ERROR: No ImageJ/Fiji application found.

I am running Ubuntu 20.04, using the most recent version of anaconda and python 3. I have downloaded Fiji: ImageJ, with "Batteries Included" and unzipped it to my /home/username/ I have also run the command sudo apt-get install imagej. How do I link this application to ITK?

Hello @alrojo,

Welcome to SimpleITK!

Please see the answer to your question in the toolkit’s FAQ.

Thanks! putting in ~/bin worked