Linker errors building ITK 5.0.1 shared libs with ITKIODCMTK enabled

When I compile ITK 5.0.1 on Windows (VS 2015 x64, BUILD_SHARED_LIBS=ON, Module_ITKIODCMTK=ON, otherwise default configuration) I get linker errors (see attached log file). I searched for those symbols, but found stuff related to Android/NVIDIA (here).

_DebugBuild.log (790.3 KB)

I just did the described build, and it succeeded for me. My build log is here:
Output-Build.txt (387.6 KB)

I started from a clean build directory (that is, not an incremental build), and used CMake 3.15.2.

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strange. I repeated the build (always starting from clean build directory), this time with CMake 3.15.2, but still get the missing symbols.

I did run into an unrelated issue while trying to reproduce your problem.