License files missing in remotes

there are a number of remote modules whose LICENSE file is missing:

  • LesionSizingToolkit
  • ITKParabolicMorphology
  • ITKPerformanceBenchmarking
  • ITKPrincipalComponentsAnalysis
  • ITKSplitComponents
  • ITKTBBImageToImageFilter
  • LabelErodeDilate

And there may be others. So it may be good to have a look at others.

I’ve opened issues for these, except for ITKTBBImageToImageFilter and ITKPrincipalComponentsAnalysis where I do seem to have the necessary rights.


Thanks for keeping close eye on the licenses @jhlegarreta! :eagle:

All repositories should have pull requests merged or new pull requests open.

Another remote whose LICENSE file is missing is:

Thanks, @jhlegarreta.

Issues have now been enabled, but we should also consider making a PR on the upstream repository.