LazyITKModule error

Hello ,
I’m using latest version of itk in my python while calling function itk.ITKVTK() I’m getting an error of LazyITKModule object is not callable. I tried to search for solving error that is fixing scipy module, I’m facing some errors can’t able to fix the issue,I’m using Jupyter notebooks and anaconda.Please guide me to fix the error

Hello @Tirupathi_Rao_N ,

itk.ITKVTK is not function; it is a Python module. This Python module contains Python classes for the corresponding ITKVTK ITK module.

Classes from this module can be nstantiated like this:

importer = itk.ITKVTK.VTKImageImport.New()

for example.

Classes from ITK modules are also made available in the top level itk package, so it is possible to call the shorter

importer = itk.VTKImageImport.New()

However, the classes that you probably want to use directly from Python are the classes from the ITKVtkGlue module. Internally, ITKVtkGlue uses the ITKVTK classes. Because ITKVtkGlue requires building against VTK, it will be made available as a separate Python package, itk-vtkglue.


Thank you for replying @matt.mccormick,so i can use ItkvtGlue module to convert my itk image data into vtk image data right

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