Large / slow tests, forbidding parallel execution?

Hi all,

I recall there is a mechanism to mark ITK tests that shouldn’t run in parallel, but I don’t recall and can’t find what it is.

I’m looking to solve some of the timeouts here:

Some of these tests pass when run individually, but timeout when many test are run at once.




Or maybe RUN_SERIAL?

The timeout on the local system can be changed with CTEST_TEST_TIMEOUT. Since this is a debug build it would make since to increase it from the defaults.

Also is the system running out of memory or anything during these tests? I think the TIFF test may use a lot of memory.

Trying to clean up my dashboards, there are these two tests:


which are already marked with both RUNS_LONG and RUN_SERIAL yet they don’t complete even after 16 minutes. And that’s not even with stress tools like ASan, TSan, valgrind. If I run by hand with a huge --timeout passed to ctest, they eventually pass after about 30 minutes. The machine is a dual quad-core Intel Xeon and 2.26 GHz and 28 GiB RAM. A bit old, but not horrible.

Perhaps such tests are just unreasonably long?


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These test are conditional on the “ITK_USE_BRAINWEB_DATA” flag. For the valgrind and coverage build I am running this is not enabled. I believe this test data set was support to exercise more “real world” data set sizes.

Perhaps just turn off this CMake option?