Keep an eye on zlib-ng

A group of folks are trying to drag zlib into the 21st century, keep an eye on it here:


They don’t seem to be aiming for multi-threaded compression/decompression, rather they are trying to make incremental improvements to be used as a drop-in replacement for zlib. If they make a stable release before zstd adds a simple multi-threaded compression/decompression to their supported interface, we might use it as a stopgap measure.

@gdevenyi thanks for the pointer!

I have added a Git subtree for zlib here:

We should try to update it to the latest zlib-ng after it is integrated.

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As pointed out by @gdevenyi in ITK #416, zlib-ng was tagged with an RC release. If anyone is interested in updating ITK’s zlib copy by zlib-ng they are welcome to do so. It would be good if this was done soon to make it into ITK 5.2.

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