itkwidgets large images


I’m currently using itkwidgets 1.0a6 and was wondering if there is any internal limit on displaying 2D images above a certain size?

In my current testing I’ve discovered that the view widget stops rendering images when the size >= 520 pixels in x & y. See below. I’m wondering if this is some memory limit issue or is this something to do with the size of the widget itself. Any ideas to get it going would be much appreciated. BTW. I’m trying to render by 2D images and CT datasets (as 2D slices) up to 2560x2160 (float).

All good at 519x519

Not so good at 520x520

There are some limits, mostly imposed by Jupyter ecosystem, but all limits should be way above 500x500. @PaulHax do you have some advice for this case?

I think you found a bug. Thank you.