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Trying to get itkwidgets to run within Jupyter Lab. I am running JupyterLab 3.4.7, itk 5.3rc04.post3, itkwidgets 1.0a12, everything installed smoothly, but when I try running the example notebooks, I am only getting <itkwidgets.viewer.Viewer at 0x7f94c314b5e0> result to the view commands, but no actual visualization window:

I don’t see the ImJoy button so I am guessing something went wrong. Any idea?

I also tried to run them in Jupyter Notebook. Basic examples work fine, though the vtkPointSetData example gives me similar problems:

And on my own examples, sometimes I get an error:

Or a gray window:

I hope I can solve this issue quickly, as I use this in a class starting very soon! Thanks in advance for any help.

Hi @martin.genet , when installing, was the lab extra option added, i.e.

pip install --upgrade --pre 'itkwidgets[lab]'


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I though so but now I am in doubt, as I uninstalled + reinstalled and it works. Thank you!

For the second point, I guess it is due to geometries being not yet supported, cf. Unable to visualize unstructured grid · Issue #520 · InsightSoftwareConsortium/itkwidgets · GitHub. Any idea when it might come? I would need it for a class in three weeks.

Thanks again!

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Hi @martin.genet ,

Great to hear about your success!

The geometries support is expected very roughly in 2 months.

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