itkwidgets in Dash app


I’m just wondering if it may be possible to host an itkwidgets control within a dash web app?

This would be the perfect viz tool for my current work. I have only the most basic node.js experience but it appears that this may be at least theoretically possible.

If anyone has any ideas on how this may be achieved, I’d love to hear about it.



Hi Darren,

A Dash App can effectively be created by combining

See also ipywidgets.

It is also possible to create a pure client-side app – I am working on a demo.

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Hi Matt,

I’m really interested in your pure client-side app, that’s what I’m really after myself.

Any chance of a sneak peak, or your secret sauce ingredients? :slight_smile:


Hi Matt,

I’ve just looked more closely at voila etc and I think it may be exactly what I’m after.

Thanks for the tip!


Yes, they are quite powerful tools – excited to see what you create! :cake:

Nothing too secret and itk-vtk-viewer.