ITKwidget displaying multiple objects at once


I am a new user of itkwidgets and have been enjoying it greatly. Thanks for the nice examples. Yet, I am unable to create any notebook calling view() with more than one object. I can view an image, or I can view (e.g.) an iso-contour, but calling view() with both arguments at once does not give any errors, but does not show any widget either. Likewise, calling view with more than one geometry or more than one point_sets (either as a list, or as a dict) gives no error, but no widget either.

In fact, the example provided, e.g. NumpPyArrayPointSet.ipynb, can only display one point_set at a time, or in example SegmentationSkeleton.ipynb, I can do this:




but not this:

view(image_arr, geometries=skeleton_csr)

I see no error message, but no widget either. How can I find out if there is something faulty with my installation?
I use v 0.27.4

Hi Jean,

Thanks for the nice feedback, and welcome to the ITK Community :sun_with_face:!

The widgets are currently undergoing major feature enhancements, and this issue emerged during the development. I created this issue to track it:

which you can subscribe to on GitHub.