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I have a couple of questions regarding ItkVtkGlue and Java. I tried to compile ITK 4.13.1 and VTK 8.2.0 enabling the Module_ITKVTKGlue=ON on Windows 10 Pro 64bit and VisualStudio 2017 community.
When I build the solution on VS2017, I get many errors when it tries to compile ItkVtkGlue (in particular compiling java proxies: org.itk.itkvtkglue) and it results in the generation of .java files, but not the .jar.

My first question is: Does the Java wrapper works properly in the described situation and is it fully supported? Am I doing something wrong in the configuration?

Eventually is there an alternative method (in Java) to convert a vtkImageData to an itkImage (without a disk write/read)?

I also tried to compile ITK 5.0.0 but I can’t find java wrapping options. Is java still supported in ITK5 (and will it be in future versions)?

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ImportImageFilter can be used to “convert” vtkImageData to an itk::Image (absent ItkVtkGlue module).

Only Python is officially supported wrapping language, and that was the case even with (recent) 4.x versions. Hopefully, someone else will provide more details.

SimpleITK does provide Java bindings and Java binaries on MS Windows for download. While we don’t have ITKVTKGlue, it should be do able to copy the buffer and meta data from ITK to VTK. Here is a CSharp example of getting access to the SimpleITK buffer which may be helpful.

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The Java wrapping infrastructure in ITK is currently available in the codebase, but it is not tested or maintained. If someone wants to support Java wrapping, either through code contributions, testing infrastructure, or funding, it would be welcome. If Java wrapping were available, it could be used in ITKVTKGlue.