ITKMontage and Regular Grid Montages Requirement

Is there a requirement that the ITKMontage filters require a montage on a regular grid? And by that I mean if I have a montage that is 20 Tiles Wide by 10 Tiles High but let’s say that the each of the corner tile images are missing, is that going to work with the ITKMontage module?

Could we programmatically build up an mosaic if we know the origin and spacing for each image and just place the image into the mosaic ourselves? What class(es) would be use for that kind of operation?

Mike Jackson

If origins (and spacings) are known, you can use TileMergeImageFilter directly as demonstrated in ResampleMontage example. If corner tiles are missing, you could put some “all-black” placeholders there.

The issue with the assumption is that the tiles might not fall nicely into a regular grid. The only information at the moment that i have is that there are 436 total images. The max number of images in a given column at 21 (because I visually looked at the resulting map of tiles). I have the origin & spacing for each of the tiles. I just want to place them on a destination ITKImage object taking into account the origin, spacing of both the tile and the final montage mosaic. Hope that makes sense.