ITKModuleExternal.cmake is not published with sudo make install


I’ve got an issue that is reported in the following github issues:

Roughly put: I am trying to build ITK and itk-wasm from source, living on the git repo head. The ITKModuleExternal.cmake file is supposed to come from ITK and to be consumed by itk-wasm. However, nothing I try with the usual cmake procedure manages to get this ITKModuleExternal.cmake file published. It hence is not consumed by itk-wasm.

What is the known, standard and/or documented way to get this done ? Or should I resort to manual or not-so-manual hacks ? Seems to me like a cmake configuration issue in ITK repo.

Please advise.

ITK itself builds fine, and is thoroughly tested. The issue most likely comes from itk-wasm’s build system, or the way you are invoking it. @matt.mccormick might know more.


In summary, the file ITKModuleExternal.cmake’s purpose to to enabling an ITK module that lives in a repository separate from ITK, to be built against an ITK build tree. It is intentionally not added to the install tree.