ITKIOScanco module

@matt.mccormick Are any hints/instructions how to build and enable ITKIOScanco available? Thank you.

Yes, I will add instructions…

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There is now preliminary support for Scanco microCT image files.

To install the associated Python package:

python -m pip install itk-ioscanco

This package provides the new Pythonic interface available in ITK 5, and can be used together with the ITK Python package. The classes will read Scanoco .ISQ files in their native format, providing 3D imaging data and metadata.

For an example, see the following Jupyter notebook: Scanco Notebook

Build the module in C++ as a separate project against an ITK build tree::

  git clone
  mkdir ITKIOScanco-build
  cd ITKIOScanco-build
  cmake -DITK_DIR=/your/path/to/ITK-build ../ITKIOScanco
  cmake --build .

Alternatively, since ITK 5.0, the module can be built by enabling the option:


in ITK’s CMake configuration.

For more information, please see the corresponding source code repository.

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