ITKFFTExport.h is missing?

Hi. I’m trying to build python wrapper for ITK. There is an error saying that MSVC 16.1.2 (2019) (Windows 10) can’t find ITKFFTExport.h. I search through the source folder and can’t find this header. itkFFTWGlobalConfiguration.xml originally requires it. Many projects fail because they are dependent of this xml, including ITKFFTCastXML, ITKConvolutionSwig and RTKSwig projects. Could you help solving the issue?

This file is located in build_dir/Modules/Core/Common/ITKFFTExport.h. Did you enable FFTW, MKL or cuFFT?

There is no “ITKFFTExport.h” in that folder. I enabled ITK_USE_CUFFTW, which also required me to enable ITK_USE_FFTWD, ITK_USE_FFTWF and ITK_USE_SYSTEM_FFTW.

@matt.mccormick have you tested cuFFT+Python wrapping scenario?

I see that file now !. I think the cause of the problem probably is that I didn’t add fftw path to Environment variables. Thank you for your help.