ITK4 cannot read ITK5 .h5 transform files

It seems that simple AffineTransform_double_3_3 saved with ITK 5.1 in HDF format cannot be loaded with ITK 4.13. Here is an example file:

Is this intentional?
Does ITK5 stores transforms differently or is it a HDF incompatibility issue?


There was a name correction to a field in the HDF5 Transform format in ITKv5. This name correction was added to the ITKv4 branch for forward support:

ITKv5 supports reading the original misspelled field along with the corrected field. ITKv5 writes the corrected field.

Have a good one.

I see, thank you for the explanation. Making ITK4 forward compatible is a nice touch.

It is always hard to decide between doing “the right thing” and preserving compatibility, but users should be able to tolerate breaking changes when a new major version of the library is released.

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