ITK website broken (at least for me?)

I’m not sure if this is universal, but after seeing the 5.1 announcement I went to have a look at, and it is full of broken links. For example now gives 404 not found.

I’m not sure when the last time I looked at the site but it was recently.

Any idea what happened?

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The switch to the redesigned website was flipped sometime in the last few days, possibly this morning.

@SteveJ I can confirm that top-left image is a broken link, in addition to itkSoftwareGuide.pdf.

That make sense!

I poked around and here are some others, that 404 for me

API documentation:

The Kitware Sys-admins are currently working on updates to the website. A few links may be broken during the transition.

I know we generate new book pdfs with every release and that the most recent version was stored on public:/projects/Insight/WWW/InsightWeb; do we want to link up to this location moving forward or would we like to migrate the pdf files to Wordpress?

We host new PDFs on GitHub Releases. But, we also serve the consolidated PDF at since there are many existing links that point there. If that same URL can be hosted and updated through the Wordpress site, that will work.

The API, Examples, and Software Guide links have been corrected.