ITK-WASM, VSCODE, VITE, EXAMPLES/VITE, reading an head image into viewer

Hi @thewtex ,
I think this requires attention from matt maccormic. I used vscode and opened example vite inside Examples folder of itk-wasm repo. I did (npm install) inside terminal of the vscode and it installed all the modules inside package.json. I assumed i set up the example correctly.
I tried to run the example inside the terminal of vscode using command (npm start) and it did run. then i clicked on the file button in webbrowser and it did open openfile dialog and i chose a file inside the cypress/features/thead1.png!? i gues but it did not open anything?!
i refered to the termianl and noticed some messages in yellow color that some import in line 2501… of some file encountered await and it mentioned this is not possible to be performed.
+++i did try vue example the same program and that one worked fine.
+++I know you wrote this elegant code and love the style and everything is perfect but what am i doing wrong?

I appreciate any help from matt or others in the ITK-JS group.