itk-wasm toolchain c++ debug symbols

Hi everyone

I have a simple question about itk-wasm. Have anybody managed to build debug version of itk example into c++ using itk-wasm toolchain for both wasi/emscripten/browser?

My ecosystem is as follows:

  1. Node.js v19.xx
  2. npm v9.6.x
  3. WSL2/UBUNTU 22.04 (Docker 4.17.x)
  4. itk-wasm@1.0.0-b.94
  5. itk-image-io@1.0.0-b.94

It seems that I am unable to generate debugging c++ symbols using itk-wasm. I have looked at the itkwasm/emscripten-base:latest-debug, what does not make sense is that I see ARG CMAKE_BUILD_TYPE=Release in Dockerfile,( inside the TAG tab )? why in a debug version of the itkwasm/emscripten debug you need Release??
furthermore, in next lines I spotted ARG CMAKE_BUILD_TYPE=Debug ??
besides the only option Dockerfile has is -s ALLOW_MEMORY_GROWTH and I don’t see how other options missing. One needs to do some changes like minimum memory for wasm, max memory, -s WASM=1, -s export methods,and so forth,
can I add those in the command line as I use itk-wasm or inside the CMakeLists.txt file? like below
itk-wasm -b dir itkwasm/emscripten:latest-debug -s WASM=1 -o some.html, -g -fdebug-compilation-dir='..' , IS IT POSSIBLE TO DO THAT?

I want to export functions from final wasm file and use it for passing some arguments or do something with it? I cannot seem to have any way to do that from command line. it think that the reason itk-wasm does not generate c++ symbolic under DWARF support enabled could be missing options, any ideas welcomed specially from staff who wrote the Dockerfile to build itk into the itk-wasm.

I built a c++ program without itk-wasm toolchain using emcc/em++ and it worked, I could step into c++ code in the devtools and it was okay. what is it I am doing wrong, I followed all the instruction @matt.mccormick in Debugging tutorial and still I am not able to step into c++ code, most of the time c++ code is not found in devtools even though I setup path substitution according to the instructions provided in tutorials. Please acknowledge I could have complete debugging experience using emcc/em++ with proper options to generate .html, .js, .wasm file in the build directory.

the following is how I build debug version of emscripten build for my itk application, any example you pick:
itk-wasm -I itkwasm/emscripten:latest-debug --build-dir emscripten-build-debug build -- -DCMAKE_BUILD_TYPE=Debug

I am not sure if I want to use emcc/em++ so I could get every ITK dependencies right and consequently build the my version of itk-wasm?

I already appreciate you help