itk-vtkglue swig error


If i import the itk.ImageToVTKFilter(), I get the error:
AttributeError: module 'itk.ITKVtkGluePython' has no attribute 'swig'

I am using:

  • itk==5.1.0.post3
  • vtk==8.1.2
  • itk-vtkglue==0.3.0

How can i solve this error?
All packages are installed using pip.
( pip install --upgrade itk-vtkglue)

Kind regards,

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Hi Simon,

The itk-vtkglue module is not available for itk-5.1. Please help test this function, itk.vtk_image_from_image , which will ship with itk-5.2:

Hi, Matt,

Many thanks for the quick response.
Iā€™m integrating the function.

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