itk-vtkglue for Python 3.7


I am trying to use itk.VTKImageToImageFilter, but I believe I need itk-vtkglue for that. Unfortunately, a Python 3.7-compatible version is not available on PyPI ( Would it be easy enough to add it?

(Matt McCormick) #2

Hi @alkamid,

Welcome to ITK!

Yes, we will look into itk-vtkglue wheels for Python 3.7 on Windows.

CC: @fbudin

(Francois Budin) #3

For reference, the work in progress branch to get this done is here:


Thanks. It would be good to get them for Linux too!

(Matt McCormick) #5

Definitely coming :slight_smile: :penguin:


Just bumping this thread, as it seems that Azure infrastructure is ready, and possibly it’s only a matter of uploading the wheel by someone competent? Also ITK 5.0 is available for Python 3.7.