itk-vtkglue-0.2 fails with itk > 5.0b1 on Windows


(Julien Finet) #1

On Windows, the following code fails often with itk-vtkglue-0.2 used with itk-5.0b3 or itk-5.0rc1 :
import itk

RuntimeError: C:\P\IPP\standalone-build\ITK-source\Modules\Core\Common\src\itkMultiThreaderBase.cxx:408:
itk::ERROR: MultiThreaderBase::GetGlobalDefaultThreader returned Unknown!

It works fine with itk-5.0b1. Please note that the error may be random.
Setting environment variable ITK_GLOBAL_DEFAULT_THREADER does not help.
Is it a known issue ? Anything to suggest ?


(Francois Budin) #2

Julien, I have encountered that error but I haven’t had time to find the origin of the problem. However, an important patch was merged in ITK master on Friday that may solve this issue by changing how global variables are synchronized across Python modules. Note though that the ITK Python packages have not been updated on ITKPythonPackage page. @matt.mccormick Do you know if there is a problem in the nightly builds?

(Matt McCormick) #3

The build system for the Windows nightly builds underwent some changes… we should take a look next week.

(Julien Finet) #4

Thanks Francois and Matt for your responsiveness.
I’ll be happy to test the new packages whenever they are released .