ITK v5.3.0 time line

Is there an expected road map or timeline for the v5.3.0 release?

@matt.mccormick has more authoritative answer, but I can give a probably upper bound: beginning of June (workshop in Maastricht, Netherlands where we teach an ITK course).

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The 5.3 RC 3 release announcement is anticipated next week.

The ITK v5.3rc03 was tagged on Jan 16th and is old.

What is the time line for the v5.3.0 tag? Are more RC’s anticipated before the release tag?

ITK’s python package has a that was released a month ago. Is that 5.3rc4 separate from the regular ITK release candidates? I only see up to a 5.3rc03 at

The 5.3rc4 package was a draft – we will have a 5.3rc4.post1 with the upcoming 5.3RC04 release.

Any update on when v5.3.0 is expected to be tagged?

v5.3rc04 is being finalized this week. v5.3.0 will follow over the next month.


Any news on ITK 5.3 release date?

5.3.0 was tagged 3 weeks ago. We are updating remote modules, building wheels etc before we make the official announcement.