itk & using them in CLI/C++ wrapper projects

Hi all,

I am trying to use c++/cli wrapper application to wrap around the c++ classes of ITK in order to call them from c# applications. I see simpleitk wrappers for the c# missing different classes so I want to build my own wrappers!
I have managed to use PINVOKE to call unmanaged c/c++/etc from c# using swig and it works at least for simple projects.
I created a class from ITK classes and I did build a static library!
I did write a ManagedObject in c++ to allow objects garbage collect! as a template, yet when I passed my ITK c++ unmanaged class to it I had a hard time to build it and failed!
does anybody know how to write cli/c++ in visual studio to create a managed object so can be called from apps?
I also managed to call python form c# therefore I have that option as well at least for smaller scale filtering projects.
but c++/c# is very important to me! any ideas? how to use cli/c++ to call unmanaged c++ code from applications?

thanks in advance!