ITK software guide 4.1.5 RGB Images

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I am initiating a discussion in regards to paragraph 4.1.5 RGB Images : . Please note I am not a neuroscientist but the bolded statements are not relaying the intended information " The rods, on the other hand, provide no color discrimination and favor high resolution and high sensitivity."
rods don’t have high-resolution discrimination, the cones do. The fovea is the place where we have the highest visual acuity and the highest resolution discrimination in that area cones concentration is at its highest while the rodes concentration drops.
"The fifth type of receptors, the ganglion cells, also known as circadian2 receptors are sensitive to the lighting conditions that differentiate day from night. "
Ganglion cells axons form the optic nerve and relay the signal from the rods and cones to further processing down the visual processing system. Experiments showed that ganglion cells are more sensitive to contrast rather than lighting conditions.

I am more than happy to modify it in the guide once I get the green light

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Such contributions are welcome! Please follow the instructions on how to contribute to make a pull request with your suggested changes.


Thanks . Sure I will do.

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