ITK/SimpleITK code spell checking

Recently, I’ve been working on spell checking the headers in ITK’s code base. My goal has been to improve the ITK/SimpleITK documentation which gets pulled from the headers. I’m posting here just to memorialize my work, in case someone needs to do likewise.

Here’s the repo for the script I use to spell check ITK’s headers and example code:

There’s a ‘setup’ script and the actually ‘spell’ script that does the work.

Within ‘spell’, it runs my original python script ‘’ which comes from this repo:

For SimpleITK, we have a GitHub workflow that automatically runs spell checking on the code when a pull request is submitted. You can see that here:

You can see from the ‘–suffix’ flag that we spell check C++ headers, Python files, markdown files, and reStructuredText file.

While SimpleITK’s checking is automatic, for ITK, I’ve just been running my script by hand.


Are there any blockers for adding similar checks to ITK?

Not that I know.

I implied: it would be good if you added them for ITK too :smiley:

OK, I’ll have a look at it when I get the chance :slight_smile: