itk-python weird time consuming

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I tried some itk.filter both in cpp and python.
The cpp version is ok but python version is quite time consuming(for New statement)

cost 15 second for this code

itk.RescaleIntensityImageFilter[self.inputType, self.outputType].New()

cost 4 second for this code


Is there any ways to fix it or avoid it?

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Hi @HiunIce ,

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The delay is related to loading library dependencies in Python. At the beginning of your Python session, call itk.force_load() (will take some time the first time), and subsequent calls to .New() will be faster. Due to OS caching, subsequent calls even after exiting an interpreter will be faster.

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Thanks your reply, it runs faster after the first calling.
But my interpreter seems do not save any cache for it, when I rerun the script(ctrl+F10 in pycharm), it will runs force_load() again.
I am using pycharm for windows10.

Thank you.


PyCharm does some additional processing to try to understand the code. @hjmjohnson @kjweimer made contributions in the upcoming 5.3rc4.post1 release that improves type annotations for IDE’s like PyCharm. I do not know whether it will improve PyCharm’s preprocessing times, but you may try to see if improves your experience.

Thanks a lot!

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