itk pip package fails to install required version


When requiring a specific itk version, (using pip install itk==5.0b1), all the itk sub packages are installed to their latest versions (itk 5.0rc1 as of today). See as follow:

pip install itk==5.0b1

    Collecting itk==5.0b1
      Using cached
    Collecting itk-segmentation>=5.0b1 (from itk==5.0b1)
      Downloading (3.9MB)
        100% |3.9MB 1.8MB/s
    Collecting numpy (from itk==5.0b1)
      Using cached
    Collecting itk-io>=5.0b1 (from itk==5.0b1)
      Downloading (6.1MB)
        100% | 6.1MB 1.0MB/s
    Collecting itk-core>=5.0b1 (from itk==5.0b1)
      Downloading (25.5MB)

The only way I found to install a specific version of itk is to do the following:

pip uninstall itk itk-core itk-numerics itk-filtering itk-io itk-segmentation itk-registration itk-vtkglue vtk
pip install itk-core==5.0b1 itk-numerics==5.0b1 itk-filtering==5.0b1 itk-io==5.0b1 itk-segmentation==5.0b1 itk-registration==5.0b1 --force-reinstall --no-cache-dir
pip install itk==5.0b1
pip install itk-vtkglue


Hi Julien,

Please review this patch, which will make the group wheels have a strict dependency in future versions:


Thanks Matt,


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