ITK OutputWindow on windows

On MS Windows the current default behavior is to log certain things to a “window” as opposed to std::err:

I think it makes more since to opt into a GUI. std::err seems to work fine with the modern visual studios too, which I think may have been the reason for the GUI window before.

What does everyone thing of changing this so it default stderr like the other OS?

Sounds fine to me.

Those windows are not overly functional. If the debugged program does not hit a break-point, there is usually not enough time to read the message. And with plenty of tests being run one after another, those windows can be somewhat disturbing, too. I am fine with changing the default.

I find console output much more usable than the popup window. The popup is either closed too early (before I have a chance to see the message) or I hit a breakpoint and then I don’t see the message (because the window cannot be redrawn or resized when the program is paused). Also, the popup’s content does not appear on dashboards and cannot be copied to the clipboard.

It would be great if we changed the default to use the console by default.

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That change is proposed here:

Thanks for confirming we need to fix this :slight_smile: