ITK Modules a comprehensive list

When using ITK modules binding in cmake based on :



how do I determine which header in which module/component it belongs to? Where is a comprehensive list of all modules in ITK? Not asking about cmake groups during buiding which seems unrelated :frowning:

Hello Petar,

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The ITK/Utilities/Maintenance/ can be executed on your source code generate the find_package(ITK REQUIRED COMPONENTS ... content.

The Modules tab in Doxygen can be used to browse the available modules.

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Hi Matt,

thanks indeed the script will be helpful, there is a similar one for VTK. Also I was aware I can check doxygen per header I include but that is cumbersome, is there an overview of which class to which module it belongs? The cmake build modules and the actual modules in itk it seems also in mismatch.


In the Doxygen HTML there this is an expandable tree view to find modules and classes within the modules:

If you are looking at a specific class, its module can be found underneath the class name:

I hope this clarification helps.


Thanks, indeed it helped alot!

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