ITK module - Pypi to conda

I’m looking for an advice regarding the production of a conda package from Pypi for itk-rtk. Is there anyone else producing conda packages for ITK modules? If yes, is it easy once you have pypi modules? Where would advise me to start from?
Thanks in advance, Simon

This is awesome, by the way! :exploding_head:

It should be easy. We can re-use the PyPI binaries in the conda-forge package. I am looking at this with another remote module package, and I will share the conda recipe once published.

Awesome, thanks a lot!

Here is an example:

The conda-forge recipe checker, conda-smithy currently cannot lint the recipe – its failure can be ignored. It will pass after the next release of conda-smithy, which has this patch:

Thanks a lot Matt, that’s great. I gave it a try based on your conda-forge

It will also need the new conda-smithy I think. Let’s hope that it will work out.

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