itk::image to itk::vector

Sorry if I am missing something in the documentation, but after two days I feel completely at a loss. I am trying to do a transform on an itk::image. Specifically a FixedCenterOfRotationAffineTransform, basically a rotation and translation. I know both the angle and the amount I need to translate. Am I missing something basic? I cant seem to get the vector from an image. Even if you could point out an example to base it on, the example al seem to do something more complex than just rotating an image.

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There are two ways to do rigid transform:

  1. change metadata to reorient the image (SetDirection() and perhaps SetOrigin() methods)
  2. change the image content, accomplished by resample filter. In this example, the transform is scaling only, so you should change that to affine and use some of the rotate methods to construct it.
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